Have you ever felt overwhelmed under the pressure that this is your last opportunity to turn things around if you want to bring your grade up and pass this class?

Does it stress you out knowing you have a bunch of readings to catch up on before this next exam?

If you find yourself at the midpoint of the semester teetering on the pass/fail line, you’re just like 25 year old engineering student Alesia.

In this video, I help Alesia and student’s like Alesia create a plan to get back on track and raise your course grade from failing to passing.



Step #1: Figure out what your grade currently is in your class and what kind of grades you’ll need on the assignments you have left to get a passing grade. Calculate the minimum number of points you need on each assignment.

Step #2: Make a list of everything you’ve done to study or if your class is paper heavy, all the steps you’ve taken so far each time you write a paper.  You need to make a quick analysis of if these steps are working or not. Chances are if you’re failing you need to chuck parts of your current method or the whole thing entirely and start from scratch.

At this point in the semester, it’s about doing everything you can to get higher grades on the assignments you have left and making a new massive action plan that you know will work towards getting you those points you need to pass.

Step #3: Follow your new plan diligently and consistently. You don’t have time to waste here. If you’re going to pass this class, it’s now or never.  The procrastinating has to stop. The avoiding the professor’s office hours has to come to an end. This whole self-pity and wallowing crap needs to go.  The only thing you have time for is following your plan and taking the daily steps to start bringing up your grade.

If the thought of this is making you stressed out or you have no clue where to start making this change at this point in the semester. Schedule a complimentary 20 minute Study Strategy Call with me here: bit.ly/studycall

At the end of the call, you’ll have a starting point and a game plan to move forward.

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