College can suck when...

You spent your whole weekend studying for an exam only to find out you failed it anyway.

You’ve rewritten your notes for the 3rd time but you still feel like you're missing all the key points of lecture.

You’ve gone to every lecture, finally finished all the readings and even looked over the study guide your professor provided, but you still got a big fat F on your test.

No matter how many hours you put into studying you constantly feel unprepared for every exam.

Last night during your study session you knew the information like the back of your hand and today during the exam you feel like you've never seen any of this before.

When you're ready to get awesome grades and stop guessing which study skills actually work, it's time for a...


Its like hiring a tutor or being teacher's pet - only WAY better.

Book your Raise Your Grade Study Strategy Session and we’ll spend an hour creating a study strategy to help you raise your next exam grade by at least one letter grade.

By the end of our 60-minute session, you’ll have a:

  • That works every time regardless of the class you're taking so that you never have to guess how to pass your classes ever again.
  • That always highlights the key points and helps you understand the materials with ease so you never look at your notes and wonder what you were trying to say.
  • That helps you work through multiple chapters to prepare for your exams without pulling all-nighters or spending your entire weekend in the library.

"I worked with someone else and only went to two sessions because I felt it wasn't helping at all and a waste of time.

Literally in the first 12 minutes of us chatting, you revealed to me where my weakest areas are and what I needed to focus on to improve my current score as I study for the Medical Boards. That's how I knew I needed to work with you and you just keep blowing my mind.

I have been getting between 80-90% on the 10 Q blocks. Before I was usually in the 60%."

-Jayoma Perera (Medical Student, Canada)


Tutors are great at re-teaching, some will even work the problem out for you or just give you all the right answers. BUT what tutors don't teach you is HOW they got so good.

I'll teach you how to finally learn so that you can study on your own and truly know the material regardless of the subject.


Want better grades? Work with me before your next big exam...

  • 1

    Click the button below to schedule and pay for your study session

    I'll immediately send you a calendar link so that you can book at your convenience. Once we're all set up to work together, you'll get a welcome email with the Study Skills Checkup Cramsheet.

  • 2

    Use the Study Skills Checkup Cramsheet to prepare for our session (I'll send it to you via email)

    In order to create a study system that works, we need to evaluate where you currently stand. The study skills checkup will guide you through dissecting your past exam study strategy so we find out where your current learning gap is and fix it.

  • 3

    Send me your completed Study Skills Cramsheet

    At least 24 hours before your session so that I can take a look and prepare for our call. I'll organize my notes so that we can tackle your study strategy from top to bottom and touch on big picture stuff (like reading and note taking) as well.

  • 4

    Join me for your 60 minute Raise Your Grade Study Session

    I can't wait to hop on Zoom with you to go over your study plan. I'll review it before our call and give you some seriously helpful, grade raising action steps. The tips I share with you will help you pass your classes forever.
    You will also get a recording of your Raise Your Grade session and action step recap Google Doc.

  • 5

    Study Skills Check In

    If you ever wished someone would help keep you focused, productive and sticking to your study plan, that's exactly what this 2 week check-in is for. We'll tweak anything that isn't working and keep you on track.

"Clarissa, with your help on how to study and organize properly I got an A on my first test in OB (my class retake).Your help was a game changer and I thank you with all my heart!"

-Tracie Traub (Nursing Student)

Here's what past college girls had to say...

-Breanna (Business Major, Canada)

I got 90% on my calculus midterm! And an A+ on my giant research paper worth 30% of my English class grade. My English paper literally has no edits from my professor!

After working with Clarissa, I noticed I am less stressed with deciding how to study and deciding when to do what work. I also have received higher grades after I started studying using quiz and recall for every test as well as allowing myself ample time to prepare and evaluate my progress. I have probably been annoying my sister with the amount of times I recommend this for her since she is struggling a bit in school.

-Breanna (Business Major, Canada)
-Dezzy (Pre-Nursing, Minnesota)

I did it guys!!! My first exam 73/75. I only got 2 questions wrong & I got all my extra credit points for the lab practical. I'm so happy right now!! Thanks Clarissa for helping me turn my heading & subheadings into questions that helped so much.   

-Dezzy (Pre-Nursing, Minnesota)
Elizabeth (Psychology Major, Virginia)

I scored a 95% on my Abnormal Psych exam and I got an 81% on my Chemistry Exam, which you know is much better than my previous exam! 

I didn’t do well my second semester and I would ask people how to study and everyone kept giving me very generic answers. I even went to the study skills center at my school and they were no help. The biggest thing I was struggling with was knowing what to study and focus on to excel in my exams.

I love how you broke down when to study and told me what to spend my time on during that study session. You went into detail on how to break down the books, how to pick out important notes and my favorite thing was learning the question and answer strategy. No one is teaching this stuff!

Elizabeth (Psychology Major, Virginia)
-Evi (Economics/Business Major, Hungary)

I passed on my first exam with 99.17%!!!

Last semester I had a 59% average. This semester I bumped it up to 74% average and it has been one of my most relaxed semesters. I focused on the main points and let go of the need for it to be perfect. Thank you for teaching me that.

-Evi (Economics/Business Major, Hungary)

 The Raise Your Grade Study Session Cost is $75 USD


  1. My feedback on your study strategy will tell you what learning activities you're currently completely wasting your time on and which critical study techniques will actually help you learn the material to pass your next exam.

  2. You will have a clear, detailed plan on how to work through and take notes for multiple chapters in half the time so you actually get the chance to review them.

  3. I'll tell you exactly what you should be doing during your study session so you no longer waste hours searching Youtube for the perfect study routine and can have more free time to do things you actually enjoy.

  4. I'll teach you what to say to your professor during office hours to get them to tell you exactly how to succeed in their class so you never have to guess what information they want you to know.

  5. I'll show you the exact point when it's ok to stop studying because you can prove to yourself that you've mastered the material.

  6. You will have checklists and to-do’s you can tweak and use semester after semester so you never fail a class again or have to worry about falling behind.