If you get to the end of the day feeling like you’ve worked non-stop but your to-do list is still completely full, you are NOT alone. Almost all college students find themselves in this situation as they’re figuring out how to balance 4 classes and a part time job.

You might think the solution is to purchase a brand new planner or download whatever productivity tool your favorite productivity Youtuber uses, it’s not.  The reason why they’re super productive isn’t because of the planner they use, the colorful pens or the app they downloaded.  The reason they are super productive is because of the systems and processes that are behind those tools.

If no one told you this, I will. Placing your exam dates in your planner and creating a massive to-do list isn’t the solution if you’re not utilizing them the right way.

Your planner and to-do lists have to be more than a place where you write things down. They should make choosing what to work on at any given moment easier.  You should have full trust that your system will focus your attention to exactly where it needs to be each day.  It should eliminate the feeling that you should be working on assignment “X” while you’re right in the middle of assignment “z”


A few weeks ago I hopped on FB Live to talk about the most common mistakes I see college students make when they’re creating their semester productivity and study plan.  I go into detail explaining why these plans fail and how to create a better planning system that will actually help you check off some of those papers and reading assignments.

College Planning: The common time management and planning mistakes you’re making as a college student

Posted by Clarissa on Thursday, August 25, 2016

So there they are, the most common planning mistake college students make.

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