Hey, It’s Clarissa here

a die hard academic nerd, RN and the girl who’s here to teach you how to be brilliant.

I don’t believe in the idea that you’re either born smart or not. I believe that every girl has the ability and power within her to become extraordinarily smart regardless of her circumstances, background, and past grades.

SheRocks@College will equip you to succeed in college so that you can step out and change the world with your talents.

I’m here to serve the next generation of female leaders.

I know the impact passing your courses will have on your college education. How it will impact your career, income, self confidence and the life you will live.


Why? Because it did for me.

By the time I was a junior in college I had failed out of 7 courses and my advisor told me I’d never make it in the medical field because I wasn’t smart enough.

A year later I graduated college with a far from impressive 2.7 gpa, couldn’t apply to medical school and got rejected from an accelerated nursing program.

I felt like a failure and like the dumbest girl in the world.

But even then, the one thing I wouldn’t allow was for anyone to set limits to what I can and cannot do.

They don’t get to decide what becomes of the brilliance that lies inside of me or you.

After spending an entire summer researching, learning, testing every study skill out there and consistently applying the ones that work, I got accepted into a nursing school with a 3.8 gpa and graduated with honors 2 years later.

Now I teach other smart college girls like you how to go from failing to passing with ease.

What I needed when I was failing was someone to believe in me, encourage me and teach me how to become a great student, not limit me.

That’s who I want to be for you.

SheRocks@College was birthed out of the pure love and belief that women have the power to change this whole world, and it starts by empowering them through education.

Through our free content and study skill services and products I help you excel in all your courses so that you graduate proud of all you’ve accomplished.

I want to help catapult you into the careers and lives that you’ll cultivate from all your experiences as a student.

Whether you’re a first generation college student putting yourself through college and changing your family’s future or you’re the 5th generation to receive a college education, I’m here to help you reach the highest levels of your academic potential and harness that incredible intellect with in you.

I’m not your boring college professor.

I teach from my heart, my failures and life experiences. I also keep it super simple, practical and doable. If I haven’t tried it and proved it works for my own education and other college girls, I don’t teach it.

My commitment is to bring you the very best of what works in getting better grades, making the dean’s list and dominating your college education.

I’m not perfect and I believe in B’s and C’s getting degrees. I care more about who you become, what you learn and what special ideas, innovations and services you’ll contribute to the world because of your college education than I do about you being a straight A student.

I see how each small victory in your classes will build up your confidence and strength to overcome any obstacle you might encounter.

I see YOU inspiring and raising up the next generation for success.

I’m rooting for YOU to win in life, not just college.

Because even though you forgot, I know you are smart enough, talented enough and worthy enough for college and life success. 

And it’s time for you to step into that truth .